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You have somehow entered the world of the Intergroup Relations and Aboriginal Peoples research group (IRAP). IRAP is a group of social psychologist lead by Dr. Donald M. Taylor (McGill University), which conducts research on a variety of issues ranging from prejudice and discrimination, to the plight of society's more disadvantaged groups, be they refugees, visible minority groups, street kids, or First Nations and Inuit. The overarching mission of the group is to improve understanding of social psychological processes underlying social issues. The integrating theme is a theory of the self that emphasizes the concepts of collective identity and norms.

News and Updates

October 2014

  • The most recent publication by Dr. Donald M. Taylor and Dr. Roxane de la Sablonniere is available now! 

    Title: Towards Constructive Change in Aboriginal Communities: A Social Psychology Perspective. 

    Available online on amazon (link here) and from the McGill-Queens Press Publishing website (link here)

    More info:

    The widespread failure of so many interventions in First Nations and Inuit communities across Canada requires an explanation. Applying the theoretical and methodological rigour of experimental social psychology to genuine community-based constructive change, Donald Taylor and Roxane de la Sablonnière outline new ways of addressing the challenges that Aboriginal leaders are vocalizing publicly. 

    To date, the decolonization process in Canada has led to programs that focus on the struggling individual. However, colonization was and still is a collective process and thus requires collective solutions. Rooted in years of research, teaching, and experience in First Nations and Inuit communities, the authors offer necessary solutions. They contend that survey research can be uniquely applied as a means to initiate constructive community change, demonstrating how their intervention process uses such research to foster positive social norms by feeding the results back to the community. 

    Ultimately, Towards Constructive Change in Aboriginal Communities outlines how field research can be used to give a voice to First Nations and Inuit community members and serve as a platform for constructive social change.



August 2014

  • Interested in Honours Research with IRAP for 2014-2015?

    Please email Meghan Watson at OR

September 2011

January 2011

September 2010

  • IRAP welcomes the arrival of graduate student Megan Cooper!