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Toward full empowerment in native education: Unanticipated challenges

TitleToward full empowerment in native education: Unanticipated challenges
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2001
AuthorsTaylor, D. M., Crago M. B., & McAlpine L.
JournalCanadian Journal of Native Studies

With the growing empowerment in Native education certain unanticipated consequences may arise which can threaten the full potential for Native visions of education. The more t he heritage culture is emphasized in Native education, the more distanced from mainstream education it becomes. The result is a series of unanticipated consequences that need t o be addressed. First, the question of differing standards becomes more salient and potentially difficult to resolve. Second, Native educators may come to lose sight of the unique aspects of their programs that they have fought so hard to achieve. We hope by raising these issues to facilitate the march toward a genuine Native vision of education.